Pakenham Bushwalking Club


Every Tuesday our club has a different scheduled day walk generally within 1 hours drive from Pakenham.  A variety of types of walk are offered.  These range from bush tracks in Parks and Nature Reserves, to coastal walks and occasional remote area walks such as Bunyip State Park, Erica etc.

Walk distances are typically 10-12km beginning at 9:30am and finishing around 2pm.  This includes morning tea and lunch stops along the way.  Walkers make their own way to the designated meeting place for the start of the walk.

To see our current Walks Program, please click this link: pdfPBWC Walks Program 2023 H2.pdf

If you would like to enquire about any activities, simply  Contact Us  to send an email.  We will be in touch shortly.


What to bring

Walking shoes or boots, raincoat, sun hat, toilet paper & sunscreen. An extra pair of dry shoes in the car is good. Extra jumper & gloves in winter.  Extra dry clothes if weather is wet.

Bring water (1 litre minimum), lunch & snacks. Extra clothing, food & water and mobile phone in case of emergencies.

It is your responsibility to bring your personal first aid kit & essential medication (eg asthma medication).



Cancelled without notice if:

  • Temperature is forecast to be 35 degrees or above.
  • Day of total fire ban if the walk is in a forested area.

Cancelled at the leaders discretion if:

  • Damaging winds forecast in the walk zone if it is in a forested area.


Walk & Safety Rules

Your safety is paramount to us. Please take the following precautions!

  • Bring your mobile phone
  • The walking group consists of a Leader at the front, and a Whip (or "tail-end-charlie") at the rear.  Stay with the group. If you are having trouble keeping up, tell the leader.
  • No person is to leave the group without informing the leader or the whip, even for a nature call.  Leave your pack on the path  for a nature call.
  • Stop at intersections and wait until all walkers reach the junction
  • Each person must be able to see the person in front and behind at all times
  • If you become separated, call out or blow your whistle 3 times.  Listen for a response and stay where you are.  Keep calling until you get a response. The group follows the procedure for "lost walker"
  • The leader is in charge of all events on the day. You must report any illness or injury to the leader immediately
  • Care for and respect the bush by using designated paths and take your rubbish home.


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